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FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 – Which football game you should go for ?

When We talk about Football Games EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer battle for supremacy in their genre.Let’s talk about its feature in details, and then you have to decide what you have to choose.

Features Chart

Features/Details FIFA 18 PES 2018
Price 59.99 59.99
Release Date 9/29 9/12
Publisher/Dev. EA Sports Konami
Major Licenses X
Single-Player Story X
Core Gameplay X X
Career & Franchise Modes X
Collector Modes X
Multiplayer Options X X
Visual Appeal & Presentation X
Customization X
Audio Presentation X

When you see visual effect of both of the games you will notice PES allows fans to customize every club in their game and creators re-create and share the EPL and La Liga properties each year, but it’s not the same as having it included in the game officially.

  • single-player story mode, for FIFA 17 that PES does not.
  • Both FIFA and PES allow gamers to go through a career as a manager or a player, but the experience is just a little more rewarding in FIFA.
  • Konami did some nice things with MyClub this year. Adding in legends like Diego Maradona and track and field superstar Usain Bolt. Also, MyClub has the best player reveals of any collector mode in the genre.However, the mode that offers the most content is FIFA Ultimate Team. EA does a good job delivering a steady diet of challenges, theme packs and cards to its customers.
  • One of FIFA 18‘s few weaknesses is its lack of customization. You can create players, but not teams, and you can’t do much to customize clubs for Ultimate Team. Konami has delivered an advanced customization system designed to close the gap with the licenses.

Thanks to Luis FCH we are going to provide some screenshots related to this topic:

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