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M-adhaar for Ios

In this era where adhaar card become the most important proof of identification, it is important to carry Adhaar everywhere, but what if you forget to carry this, well if you have android phone then, it becomes easy to carry Adhaar via M-adhaar as In July last year, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched the mAadhaar app for Android smartphones but what for iPhone users, so here is the answer for you

With the electronic version of Adhaar card on smartphones, users no longer need to carry the physical Aadhaar card. While the app is available exclusively for Android users, it will soon be made available for iOS users too.

The piece of information was revealed by UIDAI’s CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey in a Twitter AMA session on January 28, which is also known as Data Privacy Day. Responding to one of the user’s question, he said: “#mAadhaar for iOS to be out soon.” However, he did not mention any time frame for the same.

He also cleared the rumour related to Smart Chip Also, UIDAI CEO mentioned that it is not coming anytime soon. He said, “Aadhaar is a digital identity based on your biometric and also your mobile number which is linked to Aadhaar. It is not based on any smart card or chip. Because it is based on biometrics, therefore there is really no need for any chip or any smart card in Aadhaar.”

This M-adhaar will not only free you from physical card but also is totally secure due to its two feature first one is

The mAadhaar app lets you secure your Aadhaar profile using a secure password, which you need to enter every time you open the app. There are two interesting features that come as a part of the app. First one is a biometric lock, which allows users to lock their biometric data against misuse. So, even if someone has your Aadhaar, say your network operator, their system won’t be able to authenticate your Aadhaar profile until you open the biometric lock. and the 2nd one is temporary OTP.



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