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Ola Takes Another Step To Gain Indian Customers Trust

Ola Cabs a transport company in India has now started working on its tech after some upgradations made by the company a while ago to improve customer experience by providing rear touchscreen panel for customer entertainment.

Ola and Uber being the biggest competitors in the Indian Cab market it is not easy for either of them to crash each other’s market but after the move Ola took it might turn out that the ball will be in Ola’s court as Uber really can’t do much with their high-end driverless cars here in India cause it is really not easy to manage that with the road conditions and the traffic Indian roads has.

Well said by Dr. Roshy John in an interview to TNW while he made a driverless car in India “Level 5 autonomy (which would allow a car to drive itself without any human intervention) will take a decade to reach India.”.

On the other hand, Ola played a real move here by upgrading which will be beneficial for both customer’s experience and safety. As we all know about the Play program where Ola added a Play Screen in the rear seat of the car in which the rider was able to enjoy the music, movies; shows of his/her choice and surf among few more options that were stored in the device.

Well, now Ola plans to make that device more useful and more secure for their customers. The company plans to add an alarm that sounds in the event of a collision, pedestrian warnings, an over-speeding indicator so that customer can monitor over the driver, and brake-assistive systems to help driver for an emergency stop.

Ola is expected to do more in terms of customer satisfaction than Uber who claims to be the biggest in the market but lagging behind here in India. This move could take Ola gain its customers trust in all aspects.

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