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Pc gaming vs Console -Which one is better ?

Pc gaming vs Console- What you are going to choose if have the option to chose? Confused, Well I always say confusion is the result of less knowledge,

  • The first thing is price while talking about current Xbox one x console cost you around 450000rs if you want to buy same configuration pc, you have to pay around Rs 70000 Rs, so if you have the budget issue then go for Console.
  • .Ease of Use: If you are not a tech guy and just want to play the game, then XBOX is the best choice. XBOX games are also available in physical copies and that means you can just insert the disk and play.

  • The Xbox graphics are good for its cost. The reason is simple, you will play Xbox from a distance of 8-10 feet from your TV and the graphics for that distance are pretty good. But for the  PC, if you will use the same settings as an Xbox, you would play the game at about 1 meter from your monitor and that type of graphics would be a bit underwhelming(even they are good).

  • Cost of the games: The PC games are obviously cheaper. No doubt. But you can also get Xbox games for cheap if you wait for some time or buy second-hand games from websites like . Also, you can trade in your physical copies with your friends or rent them or sell them second hand. It would be cost-effective. Also by purchasing a game on the console, you will have to think twice that do you really want that game and will you enjoy it because you will have to spend more than a PC game.

  •  But if you have budget then Buy a pc with good spec enough for running high end games…reason behind this is as if u invest in a high priced console still then you need to buy games which r also highly priced than pc games….and even in pc u can customize the hardware afterwards too…n in console u also engage the tv too…

Some graphics differences:

So that completely your choice what you scenario and choice, Your opinion, your choice

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