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PlayStation Servers issue: full story

IN gaming console like Playstation, If player face servers issue, then it would be totally unacceptable but have a look at the News issue from a source :

For the third time this week, PlayStation Network is experiencing issues for users on PS4 and PS3. Account management and PlayStation Now are having trouble, but, more importantly, gaming and social services are also disrupted. This means that “you may have some difficulty launching games, applications or online features.”

While theAsk PS twitter account hasn’t acknowledged the issues yet, Sony’s network service status website confirms that there are ongoing problems. The timing is less than ideal given that Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z and MH: WORLD  launched this week, and both are games that rely on PlayStation Network for multiplayer.

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As of yet, there hasn’t been any indication of when we can expect full connectivity to be restored, but Sony’s service status site says “engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”Earlier this week the problems lasted for several hours, though it’s difficult to say whether this will also be the case for the latest spell of issues.

Thankfully, both Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter: World have offline gameplay modes, and they’re pretty good.

After that PS team updated:  After a brief period of stability gaming and social services have become disrupted again. Sony’s PlayStation Network service status page once again notes that “you may have some difficulty launching games, applications or online features.”

And as per latest update by Sony  Gaming and social services have returned to normal operation.

Hurrah now everything is normal, so if you are using PS then surely it’s a good news for you.Share your views and keep smiling

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