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Story of Sundar Pichai: CEO of Google


He is from a middle class family of Chennai. He completed his B-Tech from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgy, he did his MS from Stanford. Further, he completed his MBA from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. He received many prestigious recognitions as a student. He got his first job as an engineer at Applied Materials followed by a short stint as as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company. He joined Google in 2004 as a Sr Vice President – Product Management.

Why Google hired Mr. Sundar Pichai?

  1. The Google of 2004 was not as glamorous as that of 2015. Mr. Pichai was the most suitable option available for Google
  2. Google was looking for a Leader. Mr. Pichai had the skills, experience and capabilities to be an outstanding Product Manager. The rest is history.

Qualities of Sundar Pichai- THE CEO

  1. A CEO must know a bit about everything. A CEO may  be an expert on Business Development but he must also know about other functions of the company as  Sales, Marketing, Law, Programming, Design, Customer Support, etc to command the respect of employees. Mr Pichai is a team player and is known to walk the extra mile to get things done. He is ground to earth and a perfect Boss.
  2. A CEO is a visionary, he has to be a cheerleader and an inspiration for getting enormous success. No one can buy respect. Business is all about People and those who respect people and are able to inspire them are the biggest leaders. Mr. Pichai has all these qualities and is a perfect match to be a CEO.
  3. Success is determined by Passion and the desire to push one’s limit. It’s all about coming out of one’s comfort zone and play hard. There is no shortcut to success and Mr. Pichai proves it.
  4. Sunder Pichai is with Google for 11 years and had played key role in the development of Google Chrome, Google maps , Google Drive, Gmail, Android etc.

CEOs are chosen based on this passion and commitment to take the organisation to the next level and take care of the overall development of the company. They are accountable to the stakeholders.

Trust of Larry Page

It is evident that Mr Larry Page has tremendous faith in the capabilities of Mr Pichai. The growth of every person in a corporate job is zig zag but Mr Pichai has mostly seen rise and more rise at Google. May he do justice to the trust reposed in him and bring laurels to India as we do feel proud when any fellow Indian is recognized at the international level.

Sundar Pichai was the CEO in waiting for a long time. There might be many motives behind starting Alphabet but one of the most important consideration might be To elevate Sundar Pichai to run the show at the Slimmer Google. ( apart from allowing Larry Page to solve the Billion People Problem)

There was no other contender in the race for the top spot at Google.

In both these instances, Mr. Page reached to  his right hand man, Mr. Pichai against the laid down protocol.

  1. Larry Page dispatched Mr. Pichai to convince Nest CEO Mr Tony Fadell to get acquired by Google. He did that successfully.
  2. Mr Pichai was also involved in the attempt by Google to convince Whatsapp not to get acquired by Facebook, although he couldn’t convince Whatsapp Founders to change their mind. But, Mr. Page was satisfied with the approach of Mr Pichai

So, this is the story of the rise and rise of Mr Sundar Pichai- The Google’s CEO

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