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Anthem: Update

Today with the help of sources, we are going to clear you everything about anthem game, have a look It looks like BioWare's next game has been postponed, but not indefinitely. Previous rumours stated that EA was pushing the shared world shooter back into 2019, news which was leaked two weeks back

Yakuza 6 Release Date Delayed

Yakuza publisher Sega has pushed back the game’s Western launch to April 17, the company announced today on Twitter. That’s about a month after the game’s originally scheduled release date of March 20, which Sega announced back in August. A representative for the company confirmed to Source that, just like the old launch

A step by Facebook to avoid fraud

Facebook nowadays is new virtual world, there are lots of positive side of it, but it also becomes platform for fraud peoples to loot innocent peoples by showing various fake ad, cryptocurrencies ads are currently in trend,and Facebook is currently working to stop these kinds of things No advertiser will

Universal flash storage 3.0 announced

If you mobile have low storage issue which leads to the hanging of phone while using or gaming, then this is the news for you, as JEDEC announced UFS 3.0 , it will lead to read and write speed to another height ,as per official site of JEDEC ,following press

Nokia – 5G

nokia is all set to enter in the highest internet speed zone that anyone ever did normally.As per press release on official site of nokia Nokia launches ReefShark chipsets that deliver massive performance gain in 5G networks ‌‌‌ ‌ ‌‌ Press Release Increase cell site throughput by a factor of three Slash massive MIMO antenna

M-adhaar for Ios

In this era where adhaar card become the most important proof of identification, it is important to carry Adhaar everywhere, but what if you forget to carry this, well if you have android phone then, it becomes easy to carry Adhaar via M-adhaar as In July last year, the Unique Identification

DNA data storage technology: A step to future

Whether you are Biology student or not but you must be heard of this term DNA, but what if say all the data present on the internet today  can be stored in a glass,yeah I am not kidding ,it's a technology called DNA data store, as per records the total

Upcoming Bollywood movies -let’s have a look

In 2017, we got to feel amazing movies of Bollywood, we got the answer to most asked question why kattapaa killed Bahubali, it was a totally a roller coaster ride for all Bollywood movies lover, so in the beginning of 2018,so have a look ,what Bollywood stars are going to

Pc gaming vs Console -Which one is better ?

Pc gaming vs Console- What you are going to choose if have the option to chose? Confused, Well I always say confusion is the result of less knowledge, The first thing is price while talking about current Xbox one x console cost you around 450000rs if you want to buy

The new world now can be in a micro SD card

The UK born  Integral Memory plc, a company born as the PC era was just beginning in 1989. They began by supplying memory for very early PCs and data systems. Later in 1999, we began producing some of the very first memory cards and USB drives for the fast-growing digital market. Today,